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Your IVF Treatment Options – let us guide you to success

What IVF Treatment Plan is Right For You? At InterTrust Fertility we understand that choosing the right IVF treatment centre is a major decision and that just looking at all your options can be daunting. Your dedicated liaison manager will guide you from the outset & we’ll even pass your medical notes to our consultants if you wish, to help you decide. We support you from the UK & make sure that you have all the information you need to help you select the best IVF treatment for you.

World leading IVF treatment technologies

We offer all the latest IVF treatment for MEN as well as care for women. For most women the best treatment for infertility is, without a doubt, some form of in vitro fertilisation or IVF Treatment. InterTrust Fertility, through our clinics in Barcelona & Prague offers you the broadest range of fertility treatments available in Europe & will support you  locally in the UK. Coupled with amongst the highest success rates for IVF treatment, we are the provider of choice for women & couples seeking a cheaper but none-the-less top quality treatment abroad.

The best value IVF treatment in Europe

For many patients, the key question around fertility help is cost, as they are simply seeking the cheapest fertility treatment available. Comparing our fertility treatment options, especially to fertility treatment across the UK, offers our patients very large savings, often up to 60%. Even if you’re not considering fertility treatment in central London, you’ll find the highest quality fertility treatment, up to 40% less expensive. Plus, it’s a lot less inconvenient than you may think.

One of the advantages of IVF treatment with Intertrust Fertility is our split treatment plan, where you have part of your treatment (the monitoring phase) in the UK and the actual IVF procedure away, minimising your time away from home:


ivf treatment bedStep 1. IVF  Consultation – Just 1 day away

Step 2. Monitoring & Ultra-sounds scan in the UK

Step 3. Egg retrieval & transfer – Just 5 – 7 days aways


Widest choice of IVF treatment programs in Europe

In addition to our standard single cycle fertility treatment & Donor Egg  IVF treatment, we have pioneered two ground breaking NEW packages, designed to help ensure your success.  Our simple promise: A positive pregnancy result or your money back:

Refund Guarantee IVF plan – 100%* Refunded if your IVF treatment fails!

Shared Risk IVF plan – 80%* Refunded if your fertility treatment fails!

Prior to IVF treatment simple lifestyle changes can make conception succeed. Drinking, smoking, being very overweight or very underweight, eating an unhealthy diet and lacking folic acid in your diet can all conspire to make it difficult to get pregnant. For a surprising number of people, a change in lifestyle does result in pregnancy.  And this is where most women and couples will start their IVF treatment journey (See Our Flow Diagram Below)

IVF treatment process

You may have already had some investigations or now be finished with your allocated IVF treatment NHS wise. Or perhaps you have a good idea of what procedures you might need next. Many of our patients have read around the subject and are familiar with most fertility treatments and the In Vitro jargon that medical professionals bandy about.  But to just as many, our list of treatments will mean nothing. Wherever you are now on your fertility journey InterTrust Fertility offers personalised advice, guidance and support.  Whether you decide to choose one of our clinics is right for you or not, our aim is always to simply help you achieve the most successful result. Contact us, we offer everything from straightforward advice through to leading edge, affordable IVF treatment abroad at Europe’s TOP clinics.

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    KEY FACTS: IVF & fertility treatments explained

    IVF  Treatments Available at InterTrust Fertility:

    Pre Treatment Screening
    It is a mandatory for all patients and their partners to be screened for Hepatitis B&C and HIV when planning to undergo assisted conception at one of our clinics. If you have been screened for this within the last year, you will need to take these results to our overseas clinic on your first visit. If you have not been screened you can arrange this via your GP or we cab assist you through one of our private partner clinics.

    In vitro Fertilisation Treatment (IVF)
    In vitro Fertilisation is where fertilisation takes place in the laboratory and is the treatment used when the egg and sperm cannot come together in the normal way. For this treatment the ovaries are stimulated using medications to produce several eggs during your cycle which are recovered using ultrasound to guide the procedure.

    After the eggs have been collected they are mixed with sperm in dishes and cultured overnight before our embryologist examines them to see whether normal fertilisation has occurred. The next day, all the eggs are examined and all the normally fertilised eggs are grow or ‘cultured’ for at least another twenty four hours before your embryo transfer back in your body. At this point, our embryologist selects the superior embryos ready for transfer. A maximum of two embryos are transferred in order to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancy.  For more detailed information on the IVF process, see our ‘What is IVF?’ page.

    Embryo Freezing
    After your IVF cycle you may have embryos remaining. In some cases they may be suitable for embryo freezing. Once frozen embryos can remain in storage for many years without any deleterious effects. Embryo freezing has many benefits but also it is important to consider all the implications before deciding on this option. Freezing may not be suitable for all patients and the details will be discussed on an individual basis.

    Egg Freezing
    Egg freezing techniques can be an fertility treatment option for women without a male partner to freeze eggs if they are about to undergo treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy or surgery. It may also be suitable for women who wish to delay starting a family and wish to store their eggs when they are younger for use in the future. Much research is still being carried out on egg freezing and there is still a chance that eggs will not survive the cryo-preservation process, also eggs that have been frozen and thawed have to undergo ICSI to achieve fertilisation.

    The most common reasons women want to freeze their eggs are:

    • They want IVF treatment later in life. Some women & coules want to freeze their eggs so they can have children later in life, without worrying that their eggs might have reduced in quality due to age.
    • Necessary Medical treatment: Primarily chemotherapy, and for other medical conditions e.g. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, ovarian cysts and severe endometriosis, can adversely affect your fertility. Women might then choose to freeze their eggs before starting treatment.
    • IVF treatment: Our clinics also freeze eggs as a back up procedure for IVF patients.  For example if there’s a problem obtaining a sperm sample. This ensures the eggs can still be used when the sperm sample is ready

    ICSI- Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
    ICSI maybe advised for couples with poor sperm count or function (the way the sperm more or are formed).  It may also be used if a previous cycle has failed or a low fertilisation rate. With ICSI, a single high grade sperm is chosen and injected into each of the eggs that has previously be harvested. Our embryologists who have been specially trained and licensed are the only specialists in our clinics permitted to carry out this procedure for you. For more detailed information see our ICSI page.

    Blastocyst – extended cultures
    Our knowledge of the ways that embryos develop has increased dramatically over the years and this has enabled us to produce an environment that is now better suited to culturing embryos for longer than before. This advanced developmental stage that embryos would be placed back into the uterus is called the blastocyst stage.  It important because the embryo has undergone multiple cycles of internal cell division and is just on the verge of being ready to implant into the uterus wall. Normally this happens by Day 5 after a patients egg collection. Approximately half of all human embryos never progress to blastocyst stage, so using these extra days in culture is widely believed to help us select the embryos that may have a much better chance to implant successfully. However Blastocysts are not suitable for all patients and you’re your suitability is assessed on a case by case basis.  For more detailed information, see our Blastocyst page.

    IUI – Intra Uterine Insemination
    One of the simplest forms of assisted conception, IUI is also one that is suitable for patients with unexplained infertility. After discussing your options, you may wish to consider this treatment either before or after IVF. IUI is a technique where we prepare sperm in our clinics and then inject the sample directly into your womb. This improves the sperm’s opportunity of getting into the fallopian tubes where fertilisation can normally take place. When we also stimulate the ovaries gently using drugs, it is particularly effective.

    Surgical Sperm Recovery Techniques
    In some cases, it may be required for the sperm to be surgically removed from the testes using either MESA or TESE. Then we usually freeze several different samples allowing your partner’s sperm to be available for several treatment cycles. Sperm collected in this way have poor motility, meaning that ICSI will always be needed after a MESA or TESE collection. However results show that fertilisation rates after using this technique can be almost as good as those using ejaculated sperm.

    Assisted Hatching
    This technique involves using micromanipulation to thin or make a hole in the outside shell or zona pellucida of the embryo to help the embryo ‘hatch’ and subsequently implant. The evidence for improving pregnancy rates is not conclusive and again this technique should only usually be used in older patients or those with repeated IVF failure.

    Sperm Vitrification
    InterTrust Fertility clinics offer an andrology service, providing a sperm freezing facility for both fertility and sometimes cancer patients. We care for the needs of young cancer patients, who may be made infertile by their oncological treatments.

    Donor Eggs
    Donor insemination may be considered when a man is not producing any viable sperm or for single women. Our clinics do not usually use DI unless there is clearly no chance of pregnancy by other methods.  Our clinics have access to sperm donor banks in both Prague and Barcelona

    PGD is a relatively new technique used to detect genetic diseases in embryos before they are implanted. This allows couples who are at risk of producing a baby with congenital defects to commence a pregnancy with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the embryo is totally unaffected by the condition. PGD has assisted numerous couples who have previously lost a child through illnesses such as cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy and although not a cheap procedure in the UK, it is certainly much more affordable at our clinics abroad.  For more information see our PGD page

    IVF Support
    A number of patient groups exist to help provide support, advice and information to couples having difficulty conceiving naturally. Also see our Fertility Friends page.

    Infertility Network UK
    Charter House
    43 St Leonards Road
    Bexhill on Sea
    East Sussex TN40 1JA
    or visit

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