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    IVF Refund Guarantee IVF – 100% Refunded

    100% IVF Refund Guarantee – IVF treatment you can rely on

    Our guarantee: A positive pregnancy result or you pay NOTHING (excluding the cost of medications).  Alongside Europe’s TOP private clinic ISCARE in Prague, InterTrust Fertility has developed a NEW fertility programme that transforms the way thousands of UK women and couples now pay for IVF, making fertility treatment more affordable than ever. Its UK’s first IVF refund scheme.  By taking away much of the financial uncertainty surrounding treatment, our Refund Guarantee Programme puts patients in the driving seat with our simple promise: If you don’t receive a positive pregnancy test, we’ll give your money back.  This guarantee is ONLY available through InterTrust Fertility at ISCARE our clinic in Prague.


    NEW IVF refund guarantee cheap ivfIt’s a promise we’re proud of and remember we can only make it, because we are 100% confident in the quality & our IVF refund relies on high success rates of our fertility treatment in Prague.  Traditionally, most fertility clinics offer patients IVF in individual cycles, costing in the UK, anywhere between £5000 and £9000 each.  In some ways this makes sense because if your first IVF cycle is successful, then that’s all the help you need.  You’ll give birth and then stroll off into the sunset, delighted with your new baby!  Sadly this isn’t the reality for most women receiving IVF.  As anyone who is now contemplating treatment will know, nature isn’t always this kind. Therefore our IVF refund guarantee pregnancy promise makes financial sense to many patients.

    The fact is most women will require two, three or even more IVF attempts before successfully giving birth.  Not only might you have to deal with the emotional pain of unsuccessful treatment, there’s the thousands of pounds in wasted earnings or even worse, debt to deal with, and all of this with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    VF guarantee IVF success chancesInterTrust Fertility gives you another option.  Our IVF Refund Guarantee and Shared Risk programmes mean that not only do couples have the opportunity to receive back either all or most of the money they have spent trying for a new baby if treatment doesn’t work.  It means for the minority of women for whom IVF doesn’t work using their own eggs, they can explore the option of trying for a baby using Donor Eggs.  Because using our IVF Refund Guarantee, you‘ll still have the money to pay for further treatment, if you decide that’s the right path for you.  If you want to discuss our Refund Guarantee in more detail or any of our other treatment programmes, call us NOW on 0800 824 7874

    If after 3 IVF cycles, you still receive a non-successful pregnancy test, we’ll give you a full ivf refund

    Our IVF Refund Guarantee promise: We provide you with a 100% refund of the fee for the IVF cycles (medications not included) if patients do not receive a positive pregnancy result (guaranteed until the third trimester)

    100% IVF Refund Guarantee

    Pricing Plan

    Includes up to 3 fresh IVF cycles – detail criteria below

    Female Age

    Package Cost

    Under 35  €8,000 (Approx £6,700)
     35-36  €9,500 (Approx £8,000)
     37-38  €12,000 (Approx £10,000)

    100% of the fee is refunded if you do not receive a positive pregnancy result. *Excluding the cost of medications.


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