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Shared Risk IVF Programme

A positive pregnancy result or you get 80% of your money refunded (excluding medications). InterTrust Fertility has developed a NEW Shared Risk IVF programme. In partnership with our partner: ISCARE – Shared Risk IVF in Prague. Our Shared Risk Programme has transformed the way thousands of women now pay for fertility treatment in the UK, making IVF more affordable and more bearable than it’s ever been. By removing much of the financial uncertainty associated with conventional IVF treatment, our Shared Risk IVF Programme puts patients first with our simple promise: If IVF don’t receive a positive pregnancy result, we’ll refund 80% of your money.


free ivf shared riskDon’t worry if it appears a little complicated at first! Give us call & we go through the programme with you – 0800 824 7874

It’s a promise we’re proud to make, and it’s only possible for us to offer this programme because we are 100% confident in the quality & success rates of our reproductive treatments.  We’re very proud to offer Europe’s broadest money back shared risk IVF guarantee programme. Usually fertility clinics in the UK, offer IVF treatment by the cycle, costing the patient from five to eight thousand pounds at each attempt. At first this appears to make sense because assuming that your first IVF treatment works, then that’s all the help you’ll need. You’ll have a successful pregnancy and then march off into the sunset, full of joy with your newborn! Unfortunately this isn’t the case for most women. As anyone who is seriously thinking about IVF will be aware, nature isn’t always that kind.

The fact is, the majority of women need at least 2-4 attempts at IVF before successfully becoming pregnant. You may have to deal with not only the emotional impact of failed treatment, but the impact of the huge sum of wasted money or worse still debt. Not only this, you may have gone through all this stress and cost to receive nothing. That’s where the share risk IVF plan really helps.

Shared risk IVF success chancesWe know just how difficult this can be for women and we’ve designed our NEW shared risk IVF scheme to help reduce the financial burden and anxiety, whilst maximising your chances of giving birth. Helping to make the whole process as bearable and stress free as possible. InterTrust Fertility’s Shared Risk IVF and Refund Guarantee programmes mean that not only do you have the option to have all or most of you money refunded if things don’t work out. It means that women, who experience failed IVF after three or four attempts with their own eggs, could now look at using Egg Donation.

Our Shared Risk IVF programme means you‘ll still have the money to pay for further treatment, if you decide that’s the right path for you. Whatever you decide, at least the process won’t cost you a small fortune. For more information on our Shared Risk IVF or other programmes, call us NOW on 0800 824 7874

Shared Risk IVF Programme

  • We  give patients a choice of plans that cover 3 or 4 cycles with fresh embryos
  • If required you are charged an additional 20% for the 4th cycle.
  • The shared risk IVF programme, gives patients 80% back if they don’t receive a positive pregnancy result after your two week wait following treatment.

IVF Shared Risk Pricing

Covers up to 3 fresh IVF cycles (plus any frozen)

80% refunded if you don’t have a live birth

A 4th cycle can be taken at a 20% surcharge if required



Under 35  €7,250 (Approx £6,000)
 35-36  €8,250 (Approx £6,900)
 37-38  €9,750 (Approx £8,125)

To offer patients ‘Peace of Mind’ IVF Pricing

InterTrust aim is to provide an ideal payment option for couples wanting to limit their financial risk if a you don’t receive a positive pregnancy result as 3 cycles of IVF.

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    KEY FACTS : Shared Risk Plan – Patient Eligibility

    In Vitro with Shared Risk has the financial risk “shared” between yourselves and our clinics

    • The program includes as many as three (or 4 – if the patients requires it) ovarian stimulation cycles leading to an egg retrieval and any associated frozen embryo transfer cycles.
    • Each ovarian stimulation and fresh embryo transfer cycle can possibly result in leftover embryos for freezing for later use.
    • There could be one (or more) frozen embryo transfer cycles after each fresh one.
    • The couple gets back the 80% refund if they do not deliver a baby.

    Eligibility for the Shared Risk programme

    • The female partner must be 38 or younger at the time of enrollment and qualify with the basic criteria (see below).
    • For women at the higher end of the allowed age range – all cycles using fresh embryos must be completed by 3 months past her 39th birthday.

    Patient qualifying criteria:

    Normal ovarian reserve testing: Tests are done on day 2, 3 or 4 of the menstrual cycle:

    • FSH, LH, estradiol and AMH blood tests must be normal (Patient charged for test)
    • Ultrasound must show at least 14 antral follicles on an ovary (or ovaries) accessible for egg retrieval (Patient charged for test)

    Evaluation of the uterus: These tests are usually done at a visit to our office on about day 14 of the menstrual cycle:

    • Ultrasound evaluation of the uterus – the uterine lining (endometrium) must be at least 8.0 mm thick (Patient charged for test).
    • Office hysteroscopy to evaluate the uterine cavity (Patient charged for test)

    Additional qualifying criteria for the IVF shared risk plan:

    • The female partner must be a non-smoker. Smokers may be accepted if they cease smoking at least 30 days before starting medications. This is documented with urine tests.
    • Women that are significantly overweight (Body Mass Index over 30.0) are not eligible.
    • Women that have had an abnormal day 3 FSH test are not eligible.
    • Couples that have failed 2 (or more) previous in vitro attempts with fresh embryos (including cancelled stimulation attempts) are not eligible.
    • If in vitro fertilization has been attempted previously, copies of all ovarian stimulation and all embryology records must be submitted for review.
    • Couples with 2 or more previous miscarriages are not eligible.
    • The male partner must have at least 100,000 motile sperm in his ejaculate.
    • The couple must be willing to have ICSI, transfer 2 embryos, and freeze any leftover potentially viable embryos (frozen embryos are used before another fresh cycle).

    Your clinic may reserve the right to approve or deny entry into our guarantee plans on a case by case basis

    The IVF shared risk plan Includes:

    • Pre-IVF screening tests
    • Medications
    • Egg retrieval
    • Anesthesia
    • ICSI if required
    • Embryo transfer
    • Embryo freezing and storage of frozen embryos for up to 12 months

    The IVF shared risk plan excludes:

    • Pregnancy testing and pregnancy monitoring
    • Consultations with the physician
    • Embryo storage for more than 12 months, or after you deliver a baby
    • Frozen embryo transfer cycles done with remaining embryos after the birth of a baby

    Program Termination

    Clinics may reserve the right to terminate the patient’s participation after each completed cycle (very rare). Likewise, the couple has the right to terminate participation after each completed cycle (after all fresh and frozen embryos are transferred).

    • If the clinic terminates the couple’s shared risk plan early (before the completion of all 3 attempts), the refundable portion is returned to the couple.
    • If the couple terminate the program before they complete all of their allocated fresh cycles. The refundable portion is given back if they are not pregnant and all frozen embryos have been transferred.  Single cycle prices would apply in both scenarios

    Cycle cancellation during stimulation

    • Ovarian response to stimulation must be sufficient to result in a minimum of 3 mature follicles (15-20 mm diameter) or we “cancel” the cycle and do not do the egg retrieval.
    • If there are at least 2 follicles of 15-20 mm and at least 2 more between 13-15 mm, we would consider proceeding.
    • Rarely, a cycle could be cancelled for over-response of the ovaries

    Our IVF cycle cancellation policies

    If the cycle is cancelled during stimulation and before the egg retrieval, patients receive a 100% rebate excluding: a cycle management fee, blood and ultrasound test costs. (Approx £500)

    Patients seeking free IVF over 40 years old (39 yrs is the cut off point for our 80% guarantee) aren’t unfortunately eligible for this plan, but can take advantage of our low cost single cycle treatment. If you want to discuss this or any aspect of our Shared Risk programme call us NOW on 0800 824 7874.

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