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Europe’s Premier Egg Donation IVF Programme

InterTrust Fertility offers patients immediate access to the highest quality egg donation IVF treatment. Guaranteed anonymous egg donors.  Starting from just €4000 (including all mediations), you’ll save over 60% on average UK prices.  Most women are concerned that with a UK egg donor, information on the genetic mother will become available to your child at the age of 18.  This is not the case with our egg donors abroad. Our IVF clinics also provide amongst the highest levels of donor screening in Europe. Ensuring you’ll receive high quality embryos for implantation & giving you the best chances of success. After 3 attempts with donor eggs, 90% of women will give birth.

You may need to consider egg donation if:

  • You have a low ovarian reserve
  • You’re aged 40-43 or older
  • You’ve had multiple failed IVF attempts

Advantages of egg donation

It’s not all bad news & although egg donor treatment cost approximately 30% more than regular IVF  it does offer you some genuine advantages:

  • Very high success rates 50%-60% firs time (live birth rate)
  • Guaranteed good quality eegs
  • Less complicated procedure & fewer medications
  • Less time abroad – as little as 3 days in total!
  • No-one needs to know you’ve used a donor

The decision to choose egg donation is always a significant step in your journey. It’s not one to that anybody takes without serious consideration.  InterTrust Fertility will support you throughout this process. Offering you counselling through our recommended partner, the BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association). Assisting in your choice of clinics – Barcelona or Prague. Talking through the process in detail so you understand every aspect of treatment, whilst assisting you with practical help throughout the process. Basically ensuring that your own fertility journey is a smooth & stress free as possible.

Show me the the Egg Donation Process – what’s the donor egg timeline?


IVF treatment with donated eggs (and sperm if required) are available at our clinics in Barcelona & Prague.  InterTrust Fertility also offers two Donor Eggs Refund Plans to eligible patients. These plans are only available at our clinic in Prague. The table below describes the typical costs for treatment of our single cycle IVF with Donor Eggs. (*Subject to change without notice)

Egg Donation Barcelona Egg Donation Prague
  • Initial Consultation 250 Euros
  • Egg Donor, IVF, ICSI & Medications 9,000 Euros
  • Domestic ultra-sound scan 200 Euros

TOTAL 9,450* Euros

  • Egg Donor, IVF, & Medications 4,000 Euros
  • Domestic ultra-sound scan 200 Euros

TOTAL 4,200* Euros


Egg Donation IVF Explained

This video will explain the whole process of egg donors & Egg donation IVF treatment from beginning to end. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 824 7874.

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    KEY FACTS: How will my child look physically?

    Other Considerations – Will the baby look & feel like mine?

    After questions around anonymity and the cost and availability of donor treatment, women always worry about the next question. Will the baby look & feel like mine?  Genetically speaking the baby will generally be created using the father’s own sperm making your new baby likely to have some of the physical characteristics of you other half.  In terms of mum, a number of factors need to be considered. Firstly, when matching an egg donor we try to match ALL of the following characteristics. This means all your baby’s physical attributes should either be similar to yours or your partners. Or ideally a mix. Just as you would expect to find in nature. Obviously, just as with your own eggs these can’t be guaranteed. But it does give you the best chances of having a baby that in some ways does physically resemble you.  We match:

    IVF donor egg child looks

    • Skin colour
    • Eye colour
    • Weight
    • Height
    • Blood group

    The second aspect to consider is how you feel about the baby. Not just at conception. But as it grows inside you, taking strength & nutrients from your body.  Finally after carrying your child for nine months, most mothers of donor egg babies are in fact just as attached to their babies at birth as if they had been conceived from their own eggs. You go through the same emotional & physical journey.  Your can read MORE about how different women and couples may react in our complete guide.

    Women also often express concerns  around how their child will feel. Also, how, if and when should they tell them. The following video demonstrates just how positive & rewarding IVF egg donation usually is. Also just how much influence and impact you will have on your child’s development. Just as much if not more than the genetic influence. More importantly, it shows how your child, the recipient can feel to. Both towards you and the donor.

    Egg Donor Mother &Child Interview:


    Topic: Donor Eggs IVF

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