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Guide to IVF NHS Funding

Intertrust Fertility often works alongside UK private IVF clinics to provide ultra-sound scans during your treatment. Below you’ll find a FULL list of UK IVF clinics in each region. They also include how the NHS approaches funding in your regions.

We can work with a number of clinics in your area. This offers you a complete and convenient care package. You might also like to compare the costs of our top ivf clinics in Europe with any of the UK’s Fertility Clinics.

Please note thought, we rarely work with NHS fertility units. Something do with their insurances we believe!

You can find out exactly what the NHS funding in your area is supposed to cover by downloading the official NHS’s NICE fertility guidelines HERE NHS IVF funding guidelines



IVF Clinics Wales – There are currently four fertility clinics in Wales. The NHS will only fund one IVF cycle in wales. Private IVF clinics Wales:

  • CRGW wales
  • IVF Wales
  • London Women’s Clinic, Cardiff
  • London Women’s Clinic, Swansea

IVF Clinics Northern Ireland – The NHS will only fund a single cycle of treatments at fertility clinics in Northern Ireland. Private IVF clinics Ireland: 

  • Origin Fertility Care
  • Regional Fertility Centre

IVF Clinics Scotland - Except for Greater Glasgow & Clyde, The Forth Valley & Lanarkshire health authorities, all other regions of Scotland will fund three cycles of treatment at fertility clinics in Scotland. Private IVF clinics Scotland: 

  • Aberdeen Fertility Centre, Edinburgh
  • Assisted Conception Unit Glasgow
  • Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Glasgow Nuffield
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary
  • IVF Scotland
  • Ninewells Hospital

IVF Clinics East Midlands – The NHS will provide patients with one IVF treatment cycle for IVF in Nottingham, Northampton or NHS fertility clinics in Leicester.  Private IVF clinics in the East Midlands: 

  • CARE Northampton
  • CARE Nottingham
  • Leicester Fertility Centre

IVF Clinics Cambridge & The East of England – Generally NHS funding for treatment is better in the east of England, fertility clinics in Cambridge, Herts and Essex offer three IVF cycles to eligible patients. Private IVF clinics Cambridge & the east of England: 

IVF Clinics London – The picture for NHS provision for free IVF at fertility clinics in London is very mixed – hence the phrase IVF lottery! Around half the NHS trust offer only one cycle at NHS fertility clinics, the remaining authorities offer two or three IVF cycles split 50/50 between them. Private IVF clinics London: 

  • Assisted Conception Unit, King’s College Hospital
  • Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre
  • Barts and The London Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
  • CREATE Centre for Reproduction and Advanced Technology
  • CRM London
  • Guys Hospital
  • Homerton Fertility Centre
  • IVF Hammersmith
  • London Female And Male Fertility Centre
  • London Fertility Centre
  • London Women’s Clinic
  • Reproductive Genetics Institute
  • The Bridge Centre
  • The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health
  • The Lister Fertility Clinic

IVF Clinics in Newcastle & The North East – Except for fertility clinics in Cumbria, which offer two funded IVF cycles on the NHS, all other areas offer three funded cycles, which is good news for local inhabitants. Private IVF clinics around Newcastle & the North East:

  • Hartlepool General Hospital
  • London Women’s Clinic, Darlington
  • Newcastle Fertility Centre at Life
  • Sunderland Fertility Centre
  • The Gateshead Fertility Unit
  • The James Cook University Hospital

IVF Clinics Manchester & The North West – The picture is very mixed in this region, however the majority of health authority clinics will provide either two or three IVF cycles. Private IVF clinics around Manchester & the North West: 

IVF Clinics Brighton & The South East – In this region West Sussex and the health authorities east of here, generally offer two IVF cycles at their fertility clinics. Public IVF clinics in Kent will also offer two funded attempts. Whilst Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire will only provide one. Private IVF clinics around the south east: 

IVF Clinics Bristol & The South West -All public health authorities in this region will only fund a single treatment cycle. Private IVF clinics Bristol & South West region: 

  • Bath Fertility Centre
  • Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Peninsular Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Salisbury Fertility Centre
  • South West Centre for Reproductive Medicine
  • Torbay Hospital

IVF Clinics West Midlands – Whilst IVF clinics in Birmingham offer only one cycle of NHS funded treatment, the majority of other health authorities in the region only provide two.  Private IVF clinics Midlands region:

  • Birmingham Women’s Hospital
  • BMI Priory Hospital
  • Burton Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Coventry
  • Midland Fertility Services
  • Shropshire and Mid-Wales Fertility Centre
  • St Jude’s Women’s Hospital

IVF clinics in Hull & Yorkshire and Humber Region – Fertility clinics i Hull offer two IVF treatments at NHS clinics, whilst the majority of other health authorities in the region only offer one. Private IVF clinics Yorkshire and Humber Region

  • CARE Sheffield
  • Centre for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility, Sheffield
  • Hull IVF Unit
  • The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine

UK Interactive NHS Funding Map

IVF NHS funding

The Infertility Network UK currently offers the best source of information describing which IVF clinics in the UK will offer publicly funded or free IVF on the NHS. For information on IVF Clinics Research SEE HERE.

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