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TOP IVF success rates  “we’re fanatical about your success”

We’re proud to say our IVF Success Rates across our clinics are amongst the highest in IVF success rates delightEurope – with a minimum 45% SUCCESS RATE and these results continue to improve. In many areas we have the highest!  InterTrust Fertility network has set itself apart as one of the leaders in fertility treatment success, partnering with the best centres in the fertility world.  Our statistics have been above the UK national average for 8 years in a row and continue to grow stronger each year. See our testimonials for IVF success stories 2012.

How do we compare to the UK IVF success rates 2013?

The HFEA’s – the UK’s IVF league table latest results for 2009-10 are well below our clinic’s high average success rates:  57% for our Barcelona clinic & 45% in Prague. Compare these to the lower  HFEA’s IVF Success rates in Britain.  The table below shows the average statistics across the UK showing IVF success rates NHS & privately achieved. Success rates start to decline over 40.  But significant numbers of women do have success up to 45, where the picture starts to change.


ivf success rates 2013Our average is at AT LEAST 12% higher than the BEST in the UK! You’ll see our headline IVF success rates below, not because we’re shy, in fact we want to share them with you.  But because we don’t want to blind you with pages of carefully selected statistics, just to make use look great.  We’d rather explain exactly how likely it is we can help you, in your particular situation.  For an accurate, personalised picture of your chances of success with InterTrust Fertility, please contact us and we’ll show you our results that match to your personal circumstances; age, medical history & current fertility issues.  That way, our success rates will mean much more to you, helping you choose which clinic is 100% right for you.  Call us NOW on 0800 824 7874.

Why are InterTrust Fertility’s IVF success rates so high?

Our only goal is to help you have children in a stress free, caring and low cost way. Clinics throughout the InterTrust Fertility network work toward this end, with every member of our highly skilled team working diligently to stay on top of quality control and making every effort to continually improve our knowledge and our techniques.  Our goal is to have the highest live birth success rates possible, while minimising risks of multiple pregnancy – particularly high-order multiples i.e. more than twins – it tends to get expensive! It’s our unique combination of passion for quality for our care of our patients, abroad and in the UK and quality of all the different medical aspects that make up up treatment, that ultimately offers you both the best chances of success with IVF,at the very best IVF centres in Europe. Some patients amy find the Success rate tool useful, but please bear in mind there’s no substitute for the basic fertility tests!

    KEY FACTS: How to understand IVF success rates

    Understanding IVF success rates & IVF donor egg success rates

    So what’s the deal with IVF success rates? To get straight to the nitty gritty, IVF works best for women under 35, women who’ve had no previous IVF treatment, women who have had a previous spontaneous pregnancy and those with a body mass index (BMI) of under 30. And there’s only one things on that list that you can do anything about. Lies, damned lies and statistics. At least that’s what they say, and a lot of the time, it’s pretty fair. Like any statistics, IVF success rates can be hard to understand and even harder to compare. And here’s why.

    IVF success rates depend on the patients.
    IVF success rates vary by the kinds of patients a clinic takes on. If the clinic is willing to accept couples who’ve had unlucky cycles elsewhere, and whose chances are low, that will be reflected in the success rates. The clients at one particular clinic may have generally better health than at another clinic, which in itself can improve IVF success rates. Patients always request IVF success tips & the best answers is always boring advice! Don’t drink, eat a healthy low fat diet with plenty of fresh fruit & veg. Also, do exercise or other activity to help reduce stress level in give you a better night sleeps. Sorry its predictable advice, but unfortunately very few people actually take it!

    Success rates are based on different things.
    While all published IVF success rates will show the outcome for a year of treatments, they may show the number of pregnancies or the number of live births – which are sadly very different. our IVF Spain success rates show lots of details allowing you to compare different types of treatment.

    IVF success rates aren’t the be-all and end-all.
    It makes sense that most clinics in the UK have success rates clustering around the national average. It’s just as important to look at location, its staff and the services it can provide.

    Some clinics are much smaller than others.
    Most clinics are quite small and only treat a limited number of patients a year, meaning that an average is less meaningful and it’s harder for them to predict your chance of success. Thats one of the reason we offer our IVF guarantee success or you’ll receive your money back.

    Published IVF success rates aren’t always up-to-date.
    Often, the IVF success rates you’ll be looking at will relate to a period of treatment a year or two before, so they may not be accurate.

    We believe you should ask for detailed data regarding IVF pregnancy success rates, live birth rates and multiple pregnancy rates from any clinic you are considering for IVF. These issues are critical and don’t feel shy about asking. You have a right to know the outcome information. Any IVF programme can provide this information in writing and InterTrust will gladly answers any questions you have. If other clinics refuse, or make excuses about why they can’t give you details in writing, we’d suggest that you consider going to another clinic. They may have lower success rates than they are letting on.

    If you have any questions around our treatment programmes, results for your age group or just want to find out more about one of our clinics, call us now on 0800 824 7874

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Our IVF success rates – key facts

IVI Barcelona success rates 2012IVF success rates are of course important and we as you can see do shout about our own successes.  However it’s important that don’t get seduced by them alone, and simply choose, the clinic with the highest headline figures. As they say, “there are lies, great lies, then there are statistics”

Although some might appear to offer you a better guarantee of a successful pregnancy, unfortunately it’s just not that simple.  The figures you read can never the same as your individual chances of having a baby at any particular clinic. Those figures are only averages.  This is because your chances of success depend on many factors; your age, type of fertility issues treated, and if lots of the patients are arriving at a clinic after repeated unsuccessful attempts elsewhere, this will make a difference to the average outcomes too.

ISCARE success rates 2012Because of these reasons, success rates often vary from one year to another anyway.  So they give you no real guarantee of success for your individual fertility treatment needs.  Also many fertility clinics publicise their results very selectively, they only show their best pregnancy statistics, or don’t publicise their results for people in your age group. That’s where we’re different.

InterTrust Fertility Network – Fanatical about IVF Success

By partnering with of the best IVF clinics in Europe, we can offer you success rates comparable to fertility clinics anywhere .  It’s worth bearing in mind too, that in some cases, a clinic with a slightly lower overall success rate may offer a better chance of success at your age and with your fertility problem. Please ask us about your individual chances or see our ‘Quick Guide’ opposite for more detailed advice on IVF success rates.  We  understand, choosing your clinic it can feel like a minefield at times.  That’s why our clinics also has great reputations for patient care, fertility technology, patient support & expert staff as well as good average results in all age groups and all treatments.

That said, our clinics do consistently produce some of the highest IVF success rates in Europe and all our clinics are regulated, certified and reported by government departments to help maintain these levels of quality.  In fact we are so confident in our treatment’s success we offer two low risk programmes to our patients.  Our Refund Guarantee and our Shared Risk programmes, basically guaranteeing your pregnancy* or we give your money back!  So we’re not just bragging when we shout about our own IVF success rates. We are prepared to put our money where our mouth is!

Here’s just some of the reasons treatment at our clinics is so successful -

  • Our clinics use only the latest technologies
  • We maintain stringent quality control
  • Hiring and training the best people
  • Commitment to ongoing learning, innovation & investment in people & technology
  • No compromises on medications
  • Expert cycle & embryo monitoring

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