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IVF Patient Testimonials & IVF Success Stories 2012/13

ivf success stories 2012/13InterTrust Fertility provides a very caring and professional IVF service. Nothing is too much trouble, we’ll respond to your questions by email immediately and are on hand to take phone calls at any stage. We’ll give clear details of our treatment and explain things well step by step. If your a patient we’d love to hear your IVF success stories so we can share them. It’s important to remember that our IVF success stories are mostly due to our success rates!

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Going abroad for IVF does feel daunting at first, you do not know where to start – by calling the management team she can explain the procedures and you can get your own GP involved to provide private prescriptions. Finding a clinic for scan in the UK is easy and InterTrust Fertility has lots of contacts in the UK. The InterTrust team have become my friends – they care, whilst remaining professional. If you want proper service and also the ‘caring touch’ contact them. IVF with donor eggs is daunting and at times you feel no one can help – but they have the answers and if anyone can produce a baby when all seem impossible – they can. Thank you guys!!!



My partner and I have a lovely a toddler and wanted to have a second child, unfortunately i was unable to carry another so we looked for help from the InterTrust Fertility in Prague to achieve this. We already had a willing surrogate to help us and along with their tean, we are now expecting twins in May 2012. From the start of our case we have had excellent medical treatment and support and continue to do so from the clinic. The whole team are extremely kind people. Thank you all for the patience you have given in our case. We would highly recommend this clinic, if like us you need fertility help.



We would like to extend our deep gratitude to the whole InterTrust Fertility tea. We look forward to welcoming our first baby in a few months. We understood very early in our fertility treatment that in order to achieve a pregnancy we would need to find a donor egg. It was critical to us that the donor recruit be of European ancestry with certain physical characteristics. However, it presented no problem for the InterTrust Clinic. All of the medical professionals and administrative staff of InterTrust Fertility were wonderfully supportive throughout the IVF process and surplus embryo cryopreservation. We could not have wished for a more knowledgeable and personable team. They addressed all of our questions and concerns in a straightforward, clear and informed manner. Every step along the way, the staff advised, directed and encouraged us to progress to our anticipated outcome. We are eternally grateful.


Your clinic deserves many stars In September 2010 I was lucky to give birth to a lovely, sweet, quiet and charming little boy. Before that I was a tour of the IVF clinic. On my arrival I met international staff – so it was easy to communicate with them. They are friendly, welcoming and all questions are answered with a smile. The clinic is easy to contact via e-mail and you receive a informative response – so you always feel you can get quick answers to your questions. I’m of the belief that the clinic has great success with their IVF. I was lucky enough to get pregnant at my first attempt. I highly recommend InterTrust Fertility to others partly because of their success, kindness and professionalism. Yes you can actually feel you are part of “family”. So do not hesitate to contact them for further information. It’s easy and for a reasonable price to find accommodation near the clinic.



We would like to express our gratitude to everybody at InterTrust Fertility. After being declared too old for an IVF by our country, and after having almost abandoned our life project, we were redirected towards your clinic. The warm contact with the accompanying staff and the excellent skills of the doctors proved that we took the good decision. We visited you four times, each of them was a delightful stay, coming back at home full of hope. And hope, together with the excellence of the Clinic were the key ingredients to the success. We are now the happiest parents of twin boys, 4 months old and smiling at life as we did.


We were happy and grateful for the proficient and professional manner in which we were both treated. The standards of hygiene and technical know-how were excellent. Today, we are blessed with a delightful and amazing little boy who is our pride and joy.


Seeking desperately to have a child for so many years, it was the excellence of the InterTrust clinical staff that on a wonderful Christmas Day made me the immensely happy mother of the most beautiful son in the world. Thank you, so much, for your sympathy, your utter commitment and your expertise which, considering previous experience, is practically unequaled in the world.


I was desperate to have another child but wasn’t able to conceive naturally and was recommended InterTrust Fertility.  All the clinical staff were just wonderful both medically and on a personal level, nothing was too much trouble. Everything was managed efficiently and professionally and both worked hard to fit the treatment in around my tight work schedule. They were honest with regard to my chances of success and monitored my treatment daily as I live in France. All the chromosome tests were carried out to ensure I had the best chance of producing a healthy child. I became pregnant but then bled after a few weeks, I thought I had lost my baby but in fact I was pregnant with twins and one had aborted. I was fortunate and absolutely delighted to go on at the age of 45 to give birth to my beautiful daughter Claire. Without the outstanding skills and expertise of your team my family would not have been complete I am the happiest person alive!



After 4 long years of fertility treatments, we were so happy to find InterTrust. It was due to his tenacity and perseverance as a doctor and scientist, that lead us to a successful outcome of not one but two beautiful children. We will be forever grateful to your clinical team as they are professional, dedicated and all so lovely to deal with. Being able to have children was a dream we had almost given up on…and we can never thank you all enough for not giving up on us!


My husband and I were desperate to have children but were unable to conceive naturally due to poor egg quality. After failed IVF attempts carried out in London, using my own eggs, I was recommended to have treatment using donor eggs. From the moment I contacted InterTrust Fertility everything was managed in a very efficient and professional manner. Within a few days months my donor was found.
I became pregnant with twins and gave birth to 2 beautiful healthy girls just under 9 months later. My life has been altered beyond belief and my dreams have come true! Without the amazing skill and expertise of your team I would never have had the opportunity to become a mother to my wonderful daughters and for that opportunity I can NEVER thank them enough.



We are an Iraqi couple ,married since more than 28 years. We did more than 8 trials of I.C.S.I in UAE ,Jordan and UK. with negative results. We started our treatment in InterTrust Fertility in 2009 and ALLAH with his MAJESTY AND MERCY respond to our prayers and give us Mustafa, our first baby, we look at him as a miracle and gift from our GOD.
We want to tell every body like our case that the longest day has an end, and without hope the heart would break….and we need to trust our GOD. and We want to say to every one ,all the staff in InterTrust Fertility. Thanks for GOD in as much as him creations and contentment himself.


My husband and I would like to say a big thank you to your clinic for all the help you gave us. The treatment we received at your clinic was excellent. Your team helped us far more than we could have expected. We found the clinic very welcoming and were always treated with dignity and warm, friendly professionalism. Thanks to you all we now have a beautiful baby boy, who is almost 14 months old. I don’t believe we would have received the same care from any other clinic and will alway be very grateful to you all for helping us achieve the family we always longed for. We will always remember what you did for us and would recommend your clinic to anyone. We really can’t praise your team enough. Thank you all so very much



The definition of this word, in itself, describes the very essence of InterTrust Fertility. From our very first meeting to the culmination of all the efforts to achieve our dreams and wishes, we have experienced nothing but understanding, caring and true professional guidance and expertise from everyone at your clinic. InterTrust Fertility is a state of the art facility, but it is the wonderful people within its walls that make it what it is. People we quickly came to know on a first name basis and people we will never forget.


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