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The InterTrust Fertility network assures you the quality of care, UK based based patient support and access to the  TOP IVF clinics in Europe. Providing patients with a hassle-free & affordable way to access the best fertility clinics & the latest assisted reproduction technology. We are owned in partnership with Europe’s leading IVF clinics, the ISCARE clinic in Prague and IVI Barcelona. They are exceptional IVF clinics enjoying a great reputation & high success rates. Your personal liaison manager will guide and support you in partnership with these two fertility centres, ensuring you the best all-round care. Taking care of your every need as an international patient and helping you attain your IVF success.

Treatment through InterTrust Fertility really does give you so much more, whilst costing you NOTHING extra. Your dedicated patient manager is based in the UK to support you locally & together with our clinic we’ll provide an supreme care package for you. Co-ordinating your treatment in the UK, as well as abroad & giving you a stress free, low cost experience at the best IVF clinics available. So with less worry and  less to organise for yourself, you’ll ultimately put less stress on your body. Now that’s good for everybody!

Choosing the right IVF centre for you

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The ideal IVF clinic for you will depend on a number of factors. We are here to offer friendly expert advice & talk these through with you.  Our patients come from right across the UK. Often having previously tried UK IVF clinics and often disappointed at the costs, level of care  & low success rates. We’ll start by really understanding your needs before you choose one of our IVF clinics in Spain and Prague.  Our partner in Prague offers unrivalled value with our ‘exclusive’ 100% Refund Guaratee Plan. Whereas IVI is one of the most prestigious IVF clinics in Europe, if not anywhere.  At either IVF clinic, you’ll be offered a full range of the latest fertility treatments. These include; IVF with fresh or donor eggs, Blastocyst transfer, ICSI and many more.

We know that you can trust us. Also that you’ll be very satisfied with your choice of clinic. But please, don’t just take our word for it!  We encourage you to do your own homework. We encourage you to compare other IVF centres to ours. We’ll show you how to do this below in our ‘Quick Guide’. You’ll learn what you really understand the different ways to choose a clinic.  Of course we hope you choose to try for your new baby with InterTrust Fertility.

We believe our combination of UK based support, the best IVF clinics in Europe & treatment plans that minimise you time away from home really do offer you the easiest & best way to have you IVF.

Our IVF clinics give you more

The InterTrust Fertility network only works with the best. We know it pays to be fussy & we’ve the hard work for you. Basically there are four main ways to choose a clinic based & we base these on:

  • Expertise & experience of the clinical staff
  • The quality of your Treatment
  • How the treatment will cost you
  • How successful IVF clinics have been in recent years (See Ours HERE)

However it is just as important to remember that your treatment is not only about your fertility clinic. It’s also about you and your experience. That’s why InterTrust has dedicated UK staff to guyide you. Its also why we’ve hand picked our IVF clinics in Barcelona and Prague. It’s easy get caught up in all the details. But to end up choosing a clinic that at first appears to offer you all you want. Yet turns out to be wrong for you. Choose an organisatiomn that can support you all the way.

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    KEY FACTS: How to find the BEST IVF clinic for you

    Your IVF Clinics Wish List!

    Rather than just jumping in, stop! Don’t just book consultations with all the IVF clinics in Spain. You’ll be well rewarded if you spend some tome talking with friends who know you well or who have had fertility treatment themselves, so you can really understand the IVF process. People who know what it means emotionally as well as in practical terms.  What things were most important to them, when they had treatment?

    In our experience, the follow are all very important. It’s these we’ve used to choose our partner IVF clinics.  But the order in which they are important will always depend on you:

    • BEST UK IF clinicsHow successful is the clinic?
    • How affordable is the clinic?
    • Do all the key staff speak English?
    • Will I keep the same team looking after me?
    • Can I choose a clinic for scans in the UK?
    • It is easy to travel to?
    • Is it based somewhere I’d like to go anyway?

    If you’re struggling to find someone who has had fertility treatment abroad, then we’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone that has. There’s nothing like the voice of experience as they say!   You could also try Fertility Forums or Blogs and community websites, such as So Feminine.

    Often you won’t be undergoing treatment alone. So its vital that you understand what your partner sees as important.  Just mention that Barcelona FC are playing and he’ll be with us in a shot!  All couples are different. In some cases you may want to be alone for your stay. Others want to go through it all together and your chosen clinic must be able to provide this.

    As with so many things, it’s so often the small details that can make all the difference to your experience with an IVF clinic.  The more flexible, relaxed and accommodating the clinic will be, has a huge impact on your treatment.  You need to know from the outset that even small requests will be dealt with fast.

    Prioritise Your List – Don’t budge on what’s important to you!

    Once you have your finalised list, its time to prioritise.  You’ll need to split in two. Those things you could possibly go without & those you can’t.  Once you’ve done this, stick to it.  It should be the basis from which you can choose a clinic. One that’s just right for you both. So stick to your guns!

    Even though there are literally hundreds of fertility clinics in Europe. When you compare them to your list, there will probably be surprisingly few IVF clinics that match your own ‘ideal’ criteria. Once you had selected a clinic, you’ll both be thankful, that you made the effort up front, to work out why it was right for you. Most important. Your other half can’t then blame you if he doesn’t approve of the clinic’s décor……………as if!

     There are experts and then there are experts

    How can you tell if the qualified team of experts at your chosen clinic are really, all that good. Or if it’s just ‘sales talk’, on behalf of the clinic. How can you tell if this expertise means anything? How can you compare the service they offer to that available in other similar clinics? We believe there are two ways. Because we’ve done it!  The first is the most obviously. As they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’!  If a clinic has a high, consistent successes rates. Especially in the same treatment that you’re seeking, then there’s a good chance they’re pretty good at it. Stands to reason.

    So much so we’ve put our money behind it. That’s why one of our IVF clinics, ISCARE in Prague provides a full money back guarantee. We’re confident enough in our treatment and the high success rates to allow us to offer this. But success rates alone can be confusing. Here’s what else you should look out for.

     Expertise & Training – Ask for CV’s!

    It’s always good to look at where your specialist trained. Ensure they have studied in an EEA registered country. Where either, their medical training or their gynecology specialism was undertaken with a reputable training system. Or at a large medical centre in Europe.

    Secondly, it’s important that you vet the doctors that will be treating you. You must ensure that they do have the qualifications they claim to hold.

    Naturally the clinicians in all our IVF clinics are high trained, accredited and vetted. In fact with our own partners, ISCARE & IVI. We’ve already done all of the research and much more for you.

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