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IVF in Spain – IVI) Barcelona

If you’re thinking of traveling to undergo IVF in Spain, then you’ll want to know a bit about Barcelona. Well, what isn’t there to love in one of the best destinations for ivf in Europe?

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Cosmopolitan Barcelona is an easy city to spend time in. You can spend days chilling Med-style in the outdoor cafes and bars, eating out in the great restaurants and listening to live music in the bars. Sadly though, if you’re undergoing IVF in  Spain, you’ll have to keep off the booze of course, as tempting as the prices are for a cocktail. Hotels here are generally of a very high standard and there’s enough competition to keep prices reasonable. There are bargains to be had.

IVF in Spain – Relaxing, Quality Care

For IVF in Spain there will be days in which you’ll particularly need to try and relax. If you can’t keep your mind clear of distractions on the beach, go window shopping in the city’s spectacular malls or take a wander through the charming Park Güell with its mosaic beasties and panoramic views. If it’s exercise that calms you down, then why not climb the numerous steps of Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia cathedral, or go hiking in the nearby peaks of the M

onserrat mountain range? To wind down completely, indulge in some flotation therapy or soak in the Turkish baths.

IVF in Spain – Other attractions

Barcelona itself does have plenty on offer to keep you occupied during your treatment. Many people do see this as a break as well. There is a strong scent of romance on the streets, too, which will remind you to look after each other as the days tick by. Often when searching online for IVF Spain Valencia will appear for our IVI clinic, as this is where the group has its head office, but our IVF treatment centre in Spain is based in Barcelona.

Opting for IVF in Spain with donor eggs or using your own eggs isn’t our cheapest option, burt the success rates are VERY good.. So if budget is you number one concern, have look at our partner clinic  ISCARE who consistently perform well, in the ivf in Europe success rate leagues.  Whichever option you chose, high quality ivf in Europe cost less with InterTrust Fertility. All our clinics are independently certified by ESHRE.

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‘ Thanks to everyone at InterTrust. This was my 2nd IVF abroad

                                          & having you guys to support us really made a difference…’  Kirsty P, York

IVI Introduction

IVI) Barcelona with InterTrust Fertility

IVF in Spain with IVI) Barcelona is one of the most prestigious clinics in Europe with extremely impressive success rates. Set in a stunning modern building within the heart of the city, they offer five star accommodation and state of the art medical facilities. Yet despite this, our IVI) Barcelona clinic still captures the friendly, laid back Spanish attitude that really helps patients relax throughout their treatment. Even better, is that such a prestigious clinic can still represents superb value for money. Offering you all the main IVF treatments, including a very large bank of Egg Donors, for less than the majority of fertility clinics in the UK. Add to this mix, cheap flights and decent bargain accommodation & you’ve got a really compelling reason to choose InterTrust Fertility for your treatment.

Since 2004 this dedicated care team have assisted thousands of women with the latest techniques in reproductive medicine, helping to start many new families. As part of the world’s second largest fertility group, you can put your trust in them, safe in the knowledge that one of world’s most experienced team’s of consultants, embryologists and nurses, are available for you, dedicated to helping you achieve your dream.

As IVI) Barcelona’s official UK partner, we’re here to keep things easy for you, offering you a total care package at NO extra cost! Here’s just some of the ways we can help you:

1. We build & manage your personalised care package, at NO extra cost

2. Co-ordinate you IVF in Spain with your UK ultrasound clinic & your GP

3. Medical loan finance available

4. Discounted IVF drugs

5. Discounted package deals includes flights & hotels

6. Specialist IVF Travel Insurance

Treatment options

Fertility Treatments

Our Barcelona clinic, offers a full range of infertility investigations and treatments to help the widest group of patients we can. However our waiting lists are usually extremely short and you can start you IVF in Spain within just a few weeks or even sooner if you want. We also offer two NEW ground breaking IVF treatment programmes for both Fresh & Donor Eggs. But these are currently only available through our partner clinic in Prague: Our 100% Refund Guarantee Programme and our Shared Risk Guarantee Programme.

  • In Vitro Fertilisation – IVF
  • Donor Eggs & Sperm (Anonymity guaranteed)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – ICSI
  • Embroscopy
  • Embryo Vitrification
  • KET
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • PGD
  • PGS

Level of English

All our clinics aim to make you feel at home in you’re your own language. We know just how important it is to feel comfortable with the people caring for you.

  • Receptionists: Fluent
  • InterTrust treatment manager (available 24/7): Native
  • Local; treatment co-ordinator: Fluent
  • Consultants: Fluent
  • Embryologist: Fluent
  • Nurse: Conversational

Signage throughout the clinic is also in English.

Other Criteria:

  • Maximum Age: 50
  • Maximum fertilised eggs implanted: 3
  • Status: Couples, Single Women, Gay & Lesbian

IVI success rates

IVI) Barcelona’s Success Rates

We’d never recommend that you select a fertility clinic solely based only on their success rates. But if you wanted to, you’d definitely put IVI) Barcelona on your list! Our IVI) Barcelona partner enjoys some of the highest success rates in Europe with over 85% success rates in patients by their third cycle for fresh eggs recipients, and 95% for donor egg recipients. To view their 2010 IVF results click HERE Remember though, statistics can only show you part of the picture, albeit an important one. Contact us on 0800 824 7874 for more information on the best ways to choose a clinic that’s right for you.

IVI Barcelona success rates 2012

IVI medical team

Meet the Barcelona team

Consultants and Fertility Treatment Specialists

Our fertility treatment team in Barcelona prides itself on not just expertise, but friendliness as well. We work hard to provide the highest quality service, with sensitivity and understanding as you proceed through your treatment both here and back in the UK.

Centre Managing Director – Agustín Ballesteros. MD. PhD

Fertility Doctor – André Guerin. MD

Fertility Doctor -Cristina Pozzobon. MD

Director of the IVF Laboratory – Margarida Esbert

Director of the Andrology – David Amorós

Psychologist – Diana Guerra. PhD

IVI pricing


InterTrust Fertility offers affordable, high quality reproductive treatments at Europe’s TOP clinics. The following prices will give you a good idea of what it costs to receive fertility treatment in Barcelona. Alternatively, if you want a more precise quote, why not try our IVF Cost Calculator It will show you exactly how much you could save with InterTrust Fertility, either in Barcelona or Prague, allowing you to compare the cost of your actual treatment plan with ANY UK fertility clinic.

Here’s a sample of our most popular procedures. See just how affordable the latest leading fertility treatments can be in Barcelona. Call us NOW on 0800 824 7874 to personalise your treatment options or to book an appointment.

IVF – Your Eggs (Includes ICSI) €4800
IVF – Donor Eggs (Includes Blastocyst & ICSI) €7000
Assisted Hatching €260
PGD €2120
Sperm donor €244
Medications €1000

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