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IVF in Czech Republic – Our Prague clinic ISCARE

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‘ Doctor Hulvert, in fact the whole care team were absolutely wonderful.

We recommend IVF in the Czech republic with IntertTrust Fertility to anybody’   Paula M, London

ISCARE – Introduction: Prague’s Leading Fertility Centre

ISCARE Introduction

Rest assured, you’re placing yourself in safe and capable hands, choosing IVF in Czech with ISCARE. For almost twenty five years, their passionate care team has helped literally thousands of women to conceive, with over 7000 successful births. As one of the largest IVF in Czech, ISCARE offers


you a great reputation and a dedicated team, with the kind of expertise that only years of experience can bring. Along with all the latest, cutting edge equipment you’d expect from a first class treatment provider. All-in-all, enabling ISCARE to deliver the highest standards of IVF treatment available, without compromising on their sensitive & caring approach to each patient.

Over the years, ISCARE’s worked hard to always innovate and they only use the latest, recognised techniques in assisted reproductive medicine, helping them to achieve the best pregnancy rates for our patients. Their modern, comfortable clinic is centrally located in Prague, close to many relaxing hotels & just a short distance from the airport. Flying times from the UK are just over 2 hours and because Prague is served by a number of airlines, great value flights are never hard to find.

You’ll receive so much more, having InterTrust Fertility at your side. As ISCARE’s exclusive UK partner, we offer you a complete care package with many advantages throughout your IVF journey, not least; our own dedicated liaison manager who’ll coordinate your drugs & ultra-sound treatment between Prague and your local IVF clinic in the UK. Giving you less worry, less stress on your body and ultimately much less to organise yourself. Allowing you to concentrate on what’s most important to you, successful IVF treatment in Prague. However the best thing about us, is that we costs you NOTHING extra! To find out more, call us today on 0800 824 7874.

Treatment options

ISCARE IVF treatment options – world leading IVF technologies

InterTrust’s clinic in Prague offers you a full range of the latest techniques and fertility treatments to help the widest possible group of women and couples.  Despite this, our waiting lists in Prague are very short and you can start most treatments at a time that suits you. Through InterTrust Fertility, ISCARE exclusively offers our two ground breaking IVF treatment programmes for both Fresh & Donor Eggs: Our 100% Refund Guarantee Programme and our Shared Risk Guarantee Programme.

Both which offer you the best value IVF treatment available in Europe. Including 3 or 4 full cycles of IVF, you’ll receive either 100% or 80% of you money back (not including medications) if you don’t receive a positive pregnancy result after your last cycle with us. This options takes much of the uncertainty and most of the financial burden’s away from women, who often worry they may finish IVF treatment childless and in debt. With our programmes, you stand a much better chance of success, often saving over £15,000 on comparative UK treatment. Other IVF Treatment Available with ISCARE:

  • Single Cycle IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation
  • Eggs and Sperm Donors (Guaranteed to be anonymous)
  • ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  • Embroscopy
  • KET
  • Vitrification of embryos
  • Assisted Hatching
  • Extended 5 day Blastocyst
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

Level Of English Fluency

Every InterTrust Fertility clinic aims to make you feel comfortable, talking to you in you’re your own language.  We understand how important it is to feel comfortable with the people looking after you.

  • Reception staff: Fluent
  • InterTrust Treatment adviser  (available 24/7): Native
  • International treatment co-ordinator: Fluent
  • Consultant Gynaecologist: Fluent
  • Embryologist (Blastocyst accredited): Fluent
  • Staff & ward nurses: Conversational

Other Criteria:

  • Age limit: 50
  • Max numbers of eggs replaced: 3
  • Accepted personal status: Couples, lesbian, No single women OR Apostilled Agreement

ISCARE’s success rates

ISCARE’s  IVF Success Rates

ISCARE, InterTrust Fertility’s flagship clinic in Prague, we have recently invested heavily in the leading technology with cutting edge incubators and culture media. These improvements have significantly increased the chances of pregnancy for our patients regardless of age, their type of treatment type or even day of embryo transfer. With the improved culture environment comes the ability to offer blastocyst culture to an expanding number of patients so that now, almost all of our patients have embryos transferred at the blastocyst stage, greatly increasing your chances of success. IVF in Prague, with ISCARE gives you a truly great chance to conceive a new baby. Contact InterTrust Fertility us for more information. ISCARE’s figures are certified and published ESHRE, the European Register of Human Reproduction.

2012 success rates – IVF with own & donor eggs

ISCARE success rates 2012







If you want yo understand more about IVF Success Rates click HERE or give us a call on 0800 824 7874 & we’ll explain them to you.

ISCARE medical team

The ISCARE medical team

ISCARE Consultants and Specialists

InterTrust fertility’s Prague treatment team at ISCARE prides itself on friendliness as well as expertise. We work hard to provide the highest possible quality, whilst always treating you with understanding and sensitivity as you travel along your treatment path, with us in Prague and also whilst at home in the UK. Here’s some of the main team. Just let us know if you want to speak to any of them in person before you travel. They’ll be delighted to talk to you. If you were wondering, yes these are real photos of your care team at the bottom of the page!


Dr. Milan Mrazek, Ph.D. – Head of Department

Born in 1955, Dr. Milan Mrazek graduated from the highly regarded Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. He worked in his early career as a gynaecologist in Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague. Milan joined Department of Gynaecology-Obstetrics as a professor in Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and in 1996 signed a contract with our partner ISCARE in Prague, firstly as a gynaecologist and after three years as the head of Department. During his career Dr.Milan Mrazek taken an internship in Tokyo with a focus on prenatal diagnosis and in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.

He is member of Czech Medical chamber, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and Committee of National Representatives of ESHRE. Milan is married and speaks fluent English.

Dr Jaroslav Hulvert MD

Dr. Jaroslav Hulvert has over 20 years experience in Obstetrics & Gynecology, with 15 years in Assisted Reproduction. He’s also worked extensively throughout Europe, not only in the Czech Repulic, but also in leading positions in several Scandinavian hospitals, including the well known IVF Centre Ciconia in Denmark. He has achieved numerous IVF successes, so you can trust him to take excellent care you throughout your treatment. His kind & relaxed approach will put you at ease very quickly and because he’s totally fluent in English you’ll be able ask him all the many questions that you’ll have prepared.

View his CV

Laboratory & Embyologists

Olga Tepla Ing Ph.D. Heaf of Laboratory

Dr. Olga Tepla Ing has almost 20 years Embryology & Laboratory experience, with 15 years at ISCARE. She’s also worked at the renowned ‘IVF Centre’ in Tel Aviv, Israel and gained her Ph.D. in 2002. She’s also published many scientific papers on assisted reproduction, so with Olga working hard behind the scenes on your behalf, you’ll always be in very experienced hands.
View Olga’s CV

Nursing & Support Team

Cheif Nurse – Marketa Brandani

As well as a senior nurse, Marketa is a fully qualified Midwife. She’s work at the clinic for over 15 years, so you really are in more than capable hands. She and her staff speak English and will do everything they can to help you have a relaxing, stress-free and of course successful time at ISCARE. Nothing is too much trouble for them.


ISCARE pricing

ISCARE Pricing & Fees

Our Prague clinic, ISCARE offers some of the most affordable, high quality reproductive treatments available anywhere in Europe, whilst consistently performing ahead of most other European clinics. Our prices guide below highlights just how affordable it is to receive IVF in Czech with our partner clinic ISCARE. If you are looking for a more detailed estimate, have a look at our IVF Cost Calculator You’ll receive a personalised IVF cost comparison, describing our low fees against other UK clinics of your choice. You can also view our Shared Risk and Refund Guarantee programmes which provide the best value fertility treatment we offer with very good chances changes of a successful pregnancy.

See our fees below of our most popular fertility treatments or call us NOW to find out pricing on your personalised fertility plan.

IVF – Your Eggs (Includes Meds) €2,700
IVF – Donor Eggs (Includes Meds) €4,000
Refund Guarantee w/ Fresh Eggs €8,000 Includes 3 IVF cycles
Refund Guarantee w/ Donor Eggs €18,500 Includes 3 IVF cycles
Shared Risk w/ Fresh Eggs €7,250 Includes 3 IVF cycles
Shared Risk w/ Donor Eggs €16,000 Includes 3 IVF cycles
ICSI €500
Blastocyst Culture €200
Vitrification €800
Assisted Hatching €300
PGD €1,300
Sperm donor €150
Cancelled Cycle €1200
Medications Included in all treatment plans

Benefits of IVF in Czech Republic with InterTrust Fertility

Seeing Britain’s traveling for IVF in Czech Republic is more common than you might expect, in fact it is the most popular destination for our IVF patients, the BEST value & cheapest.  But don’t be mistaken, the standard of IVF in the Czech Republic is second to none, combined with a low cost economy makes for the ideal fertility treatment destination. A combination of experienced, internationally trained medical staff and good value IVF in Czech Republic appeals to a broad mix of patients. See our success rates for IVF in Czech Republic.

For detailed information on ISCARE, our partner clinic in Prague, see the tabs opposite. Otherwise read on to find out what makes Prague such an appealing place to stay whilst undergoing your treatment or to book an appointment call us on 0800 824 7874 NOW.

Experience IVF in Czech Republic

People can’t seem to get enough of the Czech Republic. Whether having IVF in Czechoslovakia or not. In fact, so much so, that over a third will return to the city after their first visit.  Prague isn’t just a great choice for treatment. It really is somewhere you’ll want to come back to time and again.  That’s a good thing, because every year our ISCARE clinic throws a huge party for its patients. To celebrate the thousands of new families that they’ve helped to create.  It’s become a famous event in Prague and gets lots of attention in the press. Our partner is sometimes compared to IVF in Zlin Czech Republic OR REPROFIT and generally comes out on top of both. With better value treatments and more flexible treatment plans & much better support at home.

Traveling for IVF in Czech Republic

Not only is Prague very easy and inexpensive to fly to from most UK airports. Having your IVF in Czech Republic will give you enough time to really explore this beautiful city.  The accommodation is also great value, and we’ll help you with that to. For most patients the trip centres around the treatment but some take the opportunity to view their time abroad as an IVF vacation in Czech Republic. Making the most of this stunning city.

It’s very fortunate Prague does have so much to offer. You’ll be grateful for the many distractions during your week or so of treatment. Although there’s always loads going on in Prague, its not all clubs and restaurants. The city has dozens of romantic walks for couples. Stroll through Prague’s fairytale medieval streets. Especially around the old cobbled part of town, where you can relax, reconnect and help prepare yourselves for the future. All our clinics are independently certified by ESHRE.

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