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UK Ultra-Sound Clinics

Avoid extra time off work – take your ultrasound scans in the UK.  For added convenience, InterTrust Fertility’s patients can choose to have their ultra sound scans here in the UK, at a variety of friendly IVF clinics that will be able to help you with Ultrasound scans local to you. They are spread across the country, meaning there should be one near to you. So you can have all you ultrasound scans in Britain, without the need be at our European IVF clinics during this phase of your treatment. In any case you really don’t need to worry about organising this part of your treatment. Your dedicated liaison manager will find suitable clinic close to where you live, enabling you to remain in the UK for majority of your treatment.

Its great for you, with lees time needed away from home and less cost too! Don’t worry if you can’t see a clinic in your area. We work work with an extensive network of ultr-sound centres, with one in every major UK town. We can always arrange something with an IVF clinic near you.

Contact us on 0800 824 7874 for further details.

Recommended UK Ultra-sound clinicsUK ultrasound clinic


Care Fertility

Hampshire Clinic

Oxford Fertility Unit

Lister Hospital


London Bridge

Other highly regarded private IVF clinics that could provide ultra-sound screening during the IVF treatment abroad process:

  • Benenden Hospital (see above)
  • Bourn Hall
  • Care Fertility
  • CRM London
  • Hampshire Clinic
  • IVF Hammersmith
  • IVF Wales
  • Leeds assisted Conception
  • Midland Fertility
  • Oxford Fertility Unit (see above fore more details)
  • Hampshire Clinic
  • The Bridge (see above)
  • The London Clinic
  • Spire Hospital
  • Yorkshire Clinic
  • Zita west