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We offer you MORE – the BEST choice for your Fertility Treatment

There are many reasons why you should trust us with your treatment? We always aim to give you more & we are the UK’s largest provider of TOP quality, low cost IVF in Europe. You can avoid the uncertainty and frustration of researching fertility clinics alone and in the dark. We’ll support you through the whole process, from beginning to end. And if you select our fertility treatment in Prague, you’re likely to travel with us to their world famous annual IVF party! It attracts hundreds of families each year, everyone one, a small miracle story of success. With us you don’t need to compare endless statistics on IVF success rates, clinic fees, Doctor’s CV’s or chat-room conversations. We’ve taken care of everything.

Total peace of mind

With InterTrust Fertility you’ll get peace of mind because perhaps most importantly, we’ve done the homework for you. We only partner with the best. Our medical team have extensively researched which fertility treatment at which European clinics not only provide the best chances of success, but also those that offer the best care.Our clinics are all based in stunning locations and are easy and inexpensive to fly to from almost anywhere in fertility treament couplethe UK. Our experts have visited, checked and vetted the fertility treatment in each clinic. We’ve assessed how well they care for international patients, their language skills and their quality control as well as of course, how successfully they provide the broadest range of cutting edge fertility treatment optionss. But don’t just take our word for it! Our clinics are all independently monitored by government bodies and their IVF success rates are freely available.

We’ve also been working hard alongside some of Europe’s TOP clinics to develop a series of unique fertility treatment packages for British women & couples, available exclusively through us. Whether you’re seeking fresh or donor egg IVF in Europe, we can help you. See our range of fertility treatment here.

Our fertility treatment programmes are designed to give you the absolute best possible chances of achieving a successful pregnancy. Whilst at the same time, being both affordable and offering you the very highest level of personalised care in a wonderful environment.

Have a look at our testimonials and see what real patients think of our low cost, flexible fertility treatment options. You can even ask to speak to them as we have many who are always happy to talk about their experience with us.

How do we select our fertility treatment partners?

We are often asked why we only offer clinics in Barcelona & Prague. The answer is both simple and a little complicated! It’s all about the cost, yet it’s definitely NOT all about cost.  Confused? – READ ON!

Whilst we seek to offer UK patients the cheapest fertility treatment in Europe, everybody knows that ‘cheap’ never means the best and rarely even means great value for money.  InterTrust Fertility aims to offer the highest level of care at all times. Meaning offring you IVF clinics with long standing high success rates, solid reputations, a love of international patients and where throughout the clinic, all key staff speak English. So Yes! We do offer cheap IVF treatment in Europe, very often for 50% less than the cost of even cheap IVF treatment in UK fertility clinics. Compare HERE! However providing cheap fertility treatment abroad by no means compromises the quality of you treatment – in fact quite the opposite – so long as the clinic in question has been vetted.

InterTrust Fertility has monitored, reviewed and research our partners before offering them to UK patients.  We are 100% confident in their ability to offer you exceptional medical care combined with the best value fertility care in Europe today.

Why our patients choose us

  • High Success rates – averages & specific age ranges
  • Availability and choice of the highest quality donor eggs & sperm
  • Latest reproductive techniques & equipment – we are often involved in cutting edge fertility trials
  • Experience with all conditions & unexplained infertility
  • Affordable fertility treatment that offers exceptional value for money
  • Refund Guarantee Plans
  • Easy & inexpensive destinations in major attractive cities
  • Destinations which offer many inexpensive ways to relax during your stay
  • Long standing reputations – you will not be a guinea pig!
  • Highly qualified & experienced staff
  • English speaking care team throughout each stage of your treatment
  • Treatment until 50, singles & same sex all welcome

AS you can see choosing a clinic is NOT just about the cost, but here’s why fertility treatment does generally cost less abroad. Its also important for patients to realise that cheap IVF in Europe is generally a refection of the cost of living in that particular county. So IVF in Spain is less expensive than the UK, by around 25%. Fertility IVF in Czech Republic is even less, as it sits outside of the EU & enjoys an even lower cost of living. Sometimes patients with very little finance available will seek cheap IVF in India, to try to take advantage of the very low cost of living there.  However the reality is IVF usually takes at least two attempts, making IVF in India generally more expensive when travel expenses are added. So cost is important, but more so is quality of care & convenience & that’s how we select our partners.



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    KEY FACTS: How do we only offer the best fertility clinics?

    Why do we offer the best fertility clinics & fertility treatment options for so many couples in the UK?

    • We focus on having a fertility programmes with the highest possible IVF and egg donation success rates along side the best IVF clinics in Europe.
    • Affordable IVF and egg donation pricing options, including our Refund Guarantee and Shared Risk programmes
    • Personalised care and attention – no mass production
    • Highly successful egg donation program with egg donors available immediately, with the physical characteristics you’re looking for. No waiting and no third party egg donor agency needed
    • Fully supported care including, insurances, logistic assistance & even cheap IVF meds!

    At InterTrust Fertility we have brought together some of Europe’s finest reproductive consultants to offer the highest standard of affordable, personalised patient care. Our team is dedicated to providing effective and efficient treatment options in a caring and professional manner. Each clinic has a expert team of multidisciplinary staff are able to deliver your care in comfortable surroundings with the latest facilities. Our vision is to provide you with a personalised evidence-based, ‘proven’ approach to treatment in an open, honest and friendly environment.

    InterTrust Fertility partner clinics have consultants specialising in Fertility, Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Miscarriage, Male Infertility, Endometriosis, Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine. We also have female private Gynaecological consultants and Ultrasonographers. What’s more you’ll be treated by the same people throughout your treatment giving you the chance to really get to know you care team.

    Our fertility treatment plans offer all of the standard infertility specialty testing and treatment services. This includes basic infertility services as well as advanced assisted reproductive technologies (ART) services such as in vitro fertilization – IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection – ICSI, and egg donation.

    Our top European IVF fertility clinics have been giving hope to women and couples, creating new, much longed for families for over twenty years. From the moment you are warmly welcomed you for your first consultation, you’ll find your experience is designed to be as comfortable, caring and anxiety-free, as possible. You will be given the highest level of care and attention every step of the way.

    No matter what your fertility problem, we’ll strive to help you.  Each of our clinics has a purpose-built IVF laboratory which are amongst the most modern in the world and through sharing and conducting our own research, we constantly aim to enhance on our already highly successful ivf treatment results.

    Topic: Why Choose InterTrust Fertility For Your Fertility Treatment?

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