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Advantages of IVF Abroad with InterTrust Fertility – we give IVF patients more…

There are many great reasons to choose IVF abroad. Whatever you think you know about it, even if you’ve had abroad for before, you’ll find with InterTrust Fertility it’s much easier and more straight forward than you’d imagined. IVF abroad with us only takes only 7-10 days in total. So you won’t be away from the UK for too long.  Having your IVF abroad with InterTrust Fertility means you can receive the highest quality of fertility care available. But for less. What’s more, IVF abroad can actually help you cope better. Taking your body away from the stress of your daily routine to help you focus on your one true goal. A successful pregnancy.

5 great reasons to have your IVF abroad with us:

1. Your dedicated liaison manager will organise everything for you – Think of them as your very own IVF butler!

2. UK based support – Forget expensive calls to your clinic in Europe, we’re here to help in the UK & you can call us anytime

3. Expert advice – Our medical consultants will advise you before you travel

4. Local knowledge – Need to book a taxi or even a great resturant in Prague? Just ask us, we can help

5. Discounted travel – We’ll save you money on local hotels

Once you’ve decided you’d like to give IVF abroad a try, the big decision is where to search for a good fertility clinic.  One that will provide the best care as well as offering the latest reproductive techniques. Of course backed up with skilled medical care. The good new is, we’ve already done this for you, helping to ensuring our patients’ consistently high success rates. Your dedicated InterTrust Fertility liaison manager will guide you throughout your journey in the UK & abroad. What’s more our assistant, both in the UK & overseas is provided at no extra cost to you. SEE MORE

Join the 1000’s of women who try IVF abroad each year

best IVF abroad patient care

With more and more British couples are now traveling for IVF abroad, with over 10,000 going last year, there are many great reasons why you should consider InterTRust Fertility. Overseas clinics, like ours, offer the very highest standards of care and a greater availability of donors, should you need one. In addition, IVF abroad abroad means you can approach treatment as a separate aspect of your life. We know this can help you cope better.  Obviously it’s not a week’s holiday on the beach, but many women and couples do when it comes to it actually enjoy their time together in Barcelona of Prague.

We only work with the TOP clinics that fulfil the highest criteria. You can rest assured that you’ll receive only the highest quality care from experienced reproductive professionals, backe-up by support from our experts in the UK. IVF abroad with InterTrust Fertility means all our patients receive the very best care available.

IVF abroad in 3 easy stages – Our IVF abroad timeline:

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    KEY FACTS: Why you really can trust our IVF abroad

    For your piece of mind, here’s just some of the area’s we covered:

    What are your success rates, and how are they calculated?

    While clinics in the UK all calculate and present their success rates in the same way, clinics abroad can do it differently, making them harder to compare. Rates can be presented as a percentage of all treatment cycles, even those that did not reach the embryo transfer stage. Also, some clinics are more willing to take on complex cases, but because of this their success rates will be lower. See our page on IVF Success Rates to find out more about this or view our Barcelona or Prague clinics to see their success rates for different treatments. That said you can rest assured that all InterTrust Fertility clinics enjoy some the highest success rates available & that’s why we can offer our Refund Guarantee IVF programme.

    What’s the safety record of your fertility clinic?

    You should look carefully at whether the clinic has any kind of accreditation and ask them questions about their safety record. What measures to they take, for example to screen donated sperm for infection? Be wary of any fertility clinic that doesn’t want to know lots about your medical history – this is all about you! Rest assured all our clinics are certified & accredited; they have been inspected by us and are 100% open with the success rates.

    Is it going to be practical for me?

    Things are going to get tricky if you’re at a Spanish clinic and no one can communicate in English. Believe us, you won’t get very far with sign language! Make sure the staff are able to explain things to you clearly, that it’s in a convenient location, the payment plan suits you and so on.  The friendly staff in all InterTrust Fertility clinics can speak English.  Not just the consultants, the nurse & receptions too.  They’ll all work hard to make you feel as comfortable as possible during your short stay.

    InterTrust Fertility doesn’t just provide amongst the cheapest IVF in Europe, you can have some of your IVF treatment abroad in the UK.  Meaning you can spend as little as 10 days away in total. It may not be quite as convenient as IVF in the UK, but its certainly more convenient than IVF in Pakistan! If you want to find out more from real patients have a look at our testimonials or look at a good IVF abroad forum, to see just how easy & cheap IVF in Europe can be with us.

    Do you provide the treatment I’m looking for?

    Different clinics offer different treatments. While a good fertility clinic would be able to give you excellent advice, it’s worth having an idea of what you’re looking for beforehand. Most of our patients do know they are going for IVF abroad, but not always.  All our clinics can help you diagnose your fertility and offer a complete range of the latest reproductive medical techniques, including; ICSI, Blastocyst cultures, PGD, vitrification & donor eggs.

    How will my information be stored and who will have access to it?

    Your personal information is very important and you must ask the fertility clinic what happens to it, who’ll be able to see it, what happens to your records when you complete treatment and how easily they can be transferred to the UK. With a good fertility clinic, none of this should be a problem.  InterTrust Fertility works with Microsoft ‘Health Vault’ to keep your details 100% confidential at all times we’ll securely move your records between the UK & our clinics on your behalf.

    Do you offer counselling and support?

    Going through fertility treatment can be an emotionally challenging time. That’s why all UK clinics have to offer counselling before beginning treatment. It may not be the same for a fertility clinic abroad but you should think about sourcing some kind of support. See it this way – choosing your own source of counselling means you’re more likely to get the support you need in the way you want it. All InterTrust Fertility clinics have counselling services on hand.  We also offer 24hr access to telephone counsellors who will always be there to listen, wherever you are, home or abroad, whatever time of day.

    What are your multiple birth rates?

    Forget the scare stories, the biggest health risk mother and baby face with fertility treatment is a multiple pregnancy. A multiple pregnancy is one which produces twins, triplets or (gulp) even more.

    Any fertility clinic in the UK has to have a clear policy on multiple births, on order to avoid risk. You should discuss the risks with multiple pregnancy with your overseas clinic, feel sure that they are taking your health seriously and reassured that you won’t end up with quintuplets!  Our clinics all work in line with British guidelines, taking every effort to reduce the numbers of multiple births.  So IVF abroad with InterTrust Fertility means you’re not putting yourself in any greater risk by receiving fertility treatment abroad.

    What are the rules and regulations surrounding donors?

    While an egg or sperm donor in the UK has no legal responsibility to any children born as a result, this isn’t always the case in other countries, so check! In some places, some types of donation may not be allowed or it may be anonymous, unlike the UK. If you are using an overseas fertility clinic to seek a sperm or egg donor, ask what information they will be able to give you about the person, such as their medical history.  With InterTrust Fertility the rules in Barcelona & Prague are clear for both egg & sperm donors.  Unlike the UK with IVF abroad, the donors remain 100% anonymous – period.

    IVF Abroad – Why Only Spain & Czech Republic?

    We are occasionally asked why we don’t offer patients IVF in Turkey or IVF in Cyprus. At first glance IVF treatment in Turkey and Cyprus both seem to offer attractive destinations and InterTrust Fertility has reviewed the IVF Turkey & Cyprus currently offers to UK patients.

    However, whilst many patients report good experiences in these countries and they both provide low cost IVF in Europe, indeed often the cheapest IVF in Europe. We believe that whist the cost of treatment & value for money are extremely important to our patients, they’re not the only aspects that you consider. We’ve researched not just our clinic’s success rates, laboratory control systems, how well they’re adapted to deal with international patients and the Consultants’ education & experience, but also as destinations and culturally as a place of care, how comfortable patients will feel and how easily you’ll be able to genuinely relax during the periods between actual procedures.

    For us, IVF abroad in Barcelona in Spain an Prague in Czech Republic offer the best all-round IVF treatment destinations in Europe – hands down.  So whilst our partner clinics do offer cheap IVF in Europe, these other important aspects come together to offer our patients a superior level of care when choosing cheap IVF treatment in Europe.


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