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Our IVF Patient Journey: Step-by-step guide

We’re always here to support you

Our unique patient journey makes fertility treatments easier than ever & the most important thing to remember about your IVF journey is that we’ll be here to guide you all the way. Your Liaison Manager will take great care of you, especially in the UK, before, during & after treatment. Spporting you, answering any questions that arise, quickly in a warm & friendly manner. You’ll never feel like your on a convey belt & nothing is ever too much – well very rarely! You won’t need to make countless call to Spain or Czech, we’re here, based in the UK to resolve any issues that can arise. We regularly organise medications, ultra-sound scans, consultations, fertility history reviews for patients – with out lifting a finger.

The UK’s only IVF abroad specialist – IVF in just 3 days!

Not only are we the UK’s only specialist in providing the the bEST low cost IVF treatment in Europe, InterTrust Fertility has also developed a unique step-by-step treatment process, catering only for UK patients travelling to our clinics in Europe. Our patient journey ensures you have the best chances of successful IVF treatment, whilst minimising the time you spend away. Because we co-ordinate your treatment from the UK, most of your time during your IVF journey will be at home. Attending one of our TOP clinics doesn’t mean you spend weeks travelling. In fact most frozen treatment cycles are completed in only 3 days – thats a long weekend away. Of course. your own patient journey & the exact amount of time you’ll spend abroad will depend on a number of things:

  • Type of treatment – Own eggs or Eggs donation IVF
  • Frozen or fresh IVF cycle
  • 3 day transfer or Blastocyst transfer
  • Your response to IVF medications

How we minimise your time away from home

Our patients will tell you, that travelling for IVF does carry some big advantages. Not least offering often better quality treatment for less. We’ll manage every aspect of your treatment from the UK, you’ll be at home during the medications & monitoring aspects of your treatment journey. WE designed it this way, because this is the longest phase of an IVF cycle, so by having your scans at your local UK clinic actually cuts your time away by over 50%.

IVF with your own eggs

IVF patient journey – Own eggs IVF schedule:

You’ll only need to travel to Prague twice. The first consultation can easily be do in a day, although because we offer Saturday morning appointments. most patients fly in on Friday night after work, have their appointment the next morning & they enjoy a nice weekend in Barcelona or Prague. The second visiting is for the main IVF procedure & takes between 5-7 days, although if you’re receiving frozen eggs you’ll only be away for 2-3 days.

IVF patient journey own eggs process

IVF with donor eggs

 Donor eggs IVF schedule:

IVF with donor eggs is a longer process. But only because it takes 1-3 months to find you the best matching egg donor. Once found, you’ll be on medications only for a week & your second trip can be a short as just TWO days!

donor eggs IVF patient journey

For more information on how long your treatment will take, call us on NOW on 0800 824 7874

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